Are Your High-End Clients Interested in Using Marble Slab for GTA Home Renovations?

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It’s no surprise that Toronto high-end clients are interested in using marble slab in their GTA home renovations. Whether it’s finely veined or features majestic bold swirls of colour, marble is unmistakable, unmatchable, and holds a feeling of luxury that’s hard to beat.

Book-Matched Marble in the Home

If your clients are looking for a modern twist on traditional marble, book-matched marble slabs may be for them. Unfortunately, many people don’t even know what book-matched marble is, so they may be missing out on this useful trick. Let them know that a fabricator can split their marble slab down the middle so the sides are a mirror image of each other. This makes for mesmerizing flooring, matching kitchen countertops and islands, identical his and hers vanities in the bathroom, and other beautiful surfaces around the house.

Marble Trends in the Bathroom

Capturing the indulgent feeling of spas is all the rage in bathroom renovations. Your clients are probably open to this popular redesign that turns their bathroom from a functional space to a tranquil refuge.
The first step is usually a spa-like stand-alone tub, either on the floor or raised a few steps. Show your clients how they can increase the spa-like feel by installing marble flooring or accents around the tub.
If the house’s structure permits it, and if there’s space, suggest adding a fireplace to the bathroom as well. It’s a romantic and relaxing addition that will complete the home spa. Ask your clients to picture how the firelight shimmers on marble. A marble fireplace and mantle are a distinctive and majestic addition to the bathroom. It will rapidly become their favourite room in the house.

Stylish Marble Around the House

There are many types of marble, so it’s worth sitting down with your clients to discuss what they want. Let them know that they can go with one type or try a more modern approach by mixing different styles. An example of this is the Theodore Levin United States Courthouse in Detroit, where over 30 different types of marble were used.
Another trend is the installation of a majestic entrance. Marble flooring makes a powerful, elite statement to visitors, impressing them before they even take off their shoes. That’s why you’ll have to remind your clients that marble is a soft, porous stone. Their guests will need to take their shoes off on the porch or on a mat so they don’t risk staining the marble. Before installing marble, your clients need to understand that, to keep marble looking stunning, they’ll need to reseal it at least once a year. In high traffic areas, they’ll need to reseal it more often. When a stain sets in marble, it’s usually permanent.
If your clients have marble remnants left over from other parts of the house, suggest other ways that they can incorporate marble into their other rooms.
One answer is beautiful tabletops or end tables. They can also be used to make bar stools or trivets, depending on the size of the leftover pieces.
With a little planning, you can help your clients turn their marble slab into a renovation that will raise the value of their GTA home and give them a space they’ll enjoy for years.